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    • You will need ODIN, Found at: Odin3.09 is the more stable version.

    • You will need Your Required Firmware, Found at: You will need to sign up, and log in to download firmware from this site. it is all OEM stock. this site is not for custom ROMS.

    • If your ROM is not located here, you can try to find it at this place also does custom ROMS. (PLEASE BE ADVISED: Custom ROM work, if done improperly, can cause failures in device. DO NOT use this source if you do not have experience with software reloads )

  1. The Essential Toolkit

    The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

    Acquista ora

    The Essential Toolkit

    The most helpful tools in our most compact kit.

    Acquista ora
  2. On Odin, you will need to follow a few steps
    • On Odin, you will need to follow a few steps

    • RED:: Make sure your device is plugged in, and acknowledged by ODIN. It will Register as a COM Port. Once you see it displayed there, move forward

    • GREEN:: Load The AP file. This is your basic Firmware. (Device OS, Carrier Bloat ware, and other basic files) Unless you have other knowledge of this program, please do not load anything besides the AP. This file is located where you extracted your FIRMWARE downloaded from Sammobile.

    • PURPLE:: Verify That device is loaded. (Do not do anything until it says that the AP was Successfully loaded) It will inform you its ready for installation.

    • BLUE: Hit start. this will begin the Loading of the software. It will show you a progress bar at the top of the screen in the large box. It will come back as PASS, or FAIL. if it has failed, either you have downloaded the wrong software, or the device has a board level issue.

    • Do not Unplug the device until the phone is fully booted. This will take longer than normal, as it will require an initial setup. do not get scared if it takes long. it can take upto 10 minutes depending on the device.

    • Do not unplug or power down the device during this procedure. Interrupting the repair half way, or using the wrong files can cause the device to become BRICKED, which is a completely different repair.

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