The LCD screen of the Canon PowerShot S80 is necessary for the normal operation of the camera. The screen is also vulnerable to cracks, chips and water damage. This guide will walk you through replacing your LCD screen and saving your camera.


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  1. Remove the knot on the wrist lanyard.
    • Remove the knot on the wrist lanyard.

    • Remove the battery and memory card.

  2. Remove all screws from sides of outer casing.
    • Remove all screws from sides of outer casing.

    • Begin removing the screws on the bottom of the outer casing.

    • Remove the rest of the screws from the outer casing.

    • Gently pull the front cover off the camera.

    • Open the "A/V Out Digital" cover slide, and remove the screw inside.

    • Gently pull off the back casing.

    • Remove the black "L" shaped piece of metal.

    • Remove the three screws that are holding the screen in place and free the screen from the underlying components.

    • Be careful of the ribbon wire that is still attached on the left of the screen.

    • With the spudger, gently lift the black flap that is holding the wide ribbon cable wire in place.

    • Unplug the wide ribbon cable.

    • Unplug the narrow ribbon cable to free the LCD screen from the camera body


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I presume the narrow ribbon cable supplies power to the backlight behind the screen? I replaced the combined screen and backlight assembly. I now have an image but it is extremely dark, barely visible. Perhaps the backlight didn't come on?

The contacts on both the wide ribbon and the narrow ribbon were corroded, probably the source of the problem.

Any suggestions?

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