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For information regarding recurring issues, please view the following page:

Sonos One Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification

The Sonos One, model S13, is the most recent addition to the Sonos compact home audio systems with built in Amazon Alexa voice interactive software. Originally released October 2017, the Sonos One is a compact sound system with solid matte finish and an updated WiFi networking range and control panel. The Sonos One can receive software updates and connect to other smart devices through the Sonos app to stream and play music, audiobooks, or other audio files through apps such as Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon. The Sonos One can be distinguished from other Sonos products by the control panel on the top of the unit as well as the solid finish. The updated control panel has a circular LED display for volume and touch sensors for speaker control. The device model and serial number can be found on the bottom of the unit.

There are no available replacement parts for sale from Sonos. Replacement parts must either be obtained from cannibalized Sonos Ones, or other sites such as Amazon which sell similar parts.

Additional Information

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