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Voice activated wireless home audio system with Amazon Alexa built in for playing music, checking news, and other Alexa skills. The software for the Sonos One is updated through a Wi-Fi signal which is similar to other smart devices. Released 24 Oct. 2017. Model: S13 located on the bottom of the unit.

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How do I replace a damaged power cord? (Animal chewed it)

The power cable has been chewed by my dog and I need to replace this-what is the best way to proceed?

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The hard part in doing a repair if the speaker end plug of the cable has been damaged is finding the appropriate replacement plug that fits into the player’s power socket, as it seems to be a proprietary plug made by or for Flexson.

If you have the tools and the skills, then depending on where the cable was chewed and if the speaker end cable plug was still OK you could do a “dirty” repair and cut away the wall socket plug end and connect a new wall plug with a suitable length of new power cable of appropriate gauge wire to the remnants of the old cable with the speaker plug still attached. The wire connections would need to be soldered and the individual joints insulated with heatshrink tubing and then the whole joint suitably insulated with electrician’s tape.

I don’t know the speaker but if the speaker plug only inserts one way into the speaker’s power socket then you would also need an Ohmmeter to ensure that the Active lead of the wall plug went to the Active connector point of the speaker plug and the Neutral wire went to the Neutral connector as well

The other alternative is to simply replace the cable. There are other suppliers online. Just search for Sonos One power cord to get results.

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