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Voice activated wireless home audio system with Amazon Alexa built in for playing music, checking news, and other Alexa skills. The software for the Sonos One is updated through a Wi-Fi signal which is similar to other smart devices. Released 24 Oct. 2017. Model: S13 located on the bottom of the unit.

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Not powering on. Likely Power Surge issue

I had a power surge in my house & 2 of my Sonos One speakers (in the same room where I noticed the surge issue) are not coming on since.

I have tried to replace the cable with a working Sonos One from another room but no joy

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My Sonos One SL's power supply died 2 months out of warranty. No support from Sonos, so I'm trying as well. Slightly different set-up. The seal on the base has two-parts: rubber and a plastic adhesive strip that covers the screws. Also, the 4 T8 screws in step 7 are covered with adhesive covering that needs to be pulled away from the chassis. I haven't removed the T8 screws yet as I don't have a T8 bit.


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Open up the speakers and check for any damage i.e. burnt out components.

Here’s the ifixit Sonos One guides that will help to do this.

I cannot find the schematics or a service manual for the speaker so finding out what the problem is, especially if it is not obvious and then replacing any faulty part(s) if their value markings have been obliterated will be difficult.

If you can’t see any obvious damage or even if you can, post some close up images of the board where the power connects to. Here’s how to do this on ifixit Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

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