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Background and Identification

The HP Envy 5660 E-All-In-One Printer is the 2015 edition in the Envy line of all-in-one inkjet printers. The printer can copy, scan, and print and can make as many as 50 copies. The HP Envy 5660 prints anywhere from 9 to 22 pages per minute depending on the printing options and it can print over wifi from smartphones or tablets.

While it is not sold by HP anymore, the printer is still relevant and useful so that it should not be disregarded hastily. The notable features of the device are its high quality printing, wireless features, and LCD screen. You can tell the HP Envy apart from other HP printers by reading the label on the right side of the LCD screen which should say the model name.


If you have issues visit the troubleshooting page.

Additional Information

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HP Envy Official Troubleshooting Page

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