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If you are having difficulties with the WP900 Orbital Waxer and Polisher, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Black and Decker Orbital Waxer and Polisher is a product from Black and Decker and manufactured in China. The products major use is for waxing or polishing automotive vehicles. This product is 13.8-by-6.2-by-8.6-inches, weighs 5.3-pounds, and operates at 4400 rotations per minute.

For additional information concerning the identification and company contact information, refer to the user manual, included with the purchase of the product.

The WP900 Waxer and Polisher is not difficult to repair. After the external casing has been removed, the internal components are easily accessed and replaced. These parts, however, are not common to most electronics stores and should be purchased directly from Black and Decker.

Additional Information

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