Model A1419 / EMC 2806 & EMC 2834/ Late 2014 or Early 2015 or late 2015 / 3.3 or 3.5 GHz Core i5 or 4.0 GHz Core i7 Processor / Retina 5K display

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Change SSD on iMac 5K Late 2014- 250GB SSD to 1TB SSD Sata


in march 2015i bought iMac 5K with SSD 250GB. Model: APPLE SSD SM0256F

Recently i have an Samsung SSD 850 Pro 1TB SATA III, and my question is:

Can I instal this SSD Sata on my iMac? It is possible the both drives? ( Ithink APPLE SSD SM0256F is an m.2 Drive). If it is possible mount the the drive i will improve the HD speeds?

Thanks in advance!

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yes you can upgrade the storage by simply buying 2.5 inch to 3.5 inch disc tray and mounting that instead of the hard drive down below.

Hope it helps

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Sorry, but i don't have the fusion drive 3.5. I bought iMac with SSD 250GB built in( APPLE SSD SM0256F). And i am not sure if it is a M.2 Drive. My question is can i install a new SSD SATA 3 (Samsung 850 Pro) on my mac? if it is a M.2 built in, can i run SATA3 new drive + M.2 drive?

I Call Apple and with my serial number they don't have sure if it is m.2 or Sata 3 inside.

Or its better buying an Thunderbolt enclosure to my Sata Samsung?

Can somebody help me?

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