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Pentax Optio S4i Troubleshooting

Shutter Lockup

The shutter is stuck and will not work.

Firmware Issue

One potential cause of this problem is due to an issue with the camera’s firmware. You can find a firmware update on this site: Just search for the Optio S4i in the respective windows and the site will lead you to the firmware update page. Be sure to read all instructions before installing the update.

Camera will not turn on

The camera will not power on.

Check Battery

Check to see if battery is placed inside camera. Be sure that the battery is oriented correctly when inserting. Refer to this guide for details on correct battery orientation.

Battery Power Is Low

Make sure that the battery is charged. The camera will not power on if the battery is low. Insert a charged battery, or use the optional AC adapter for the camera.

Motherboard Issue

If the camera will still not turn on, then there could be a potential issue with the camera’s motherboard. Professional repair may be required. To access the motherboard, refer to this guide.

Image Doesn't Appear on LCD Monitor

The camera is on and will take photos, but nothing is appearing on the camera’s display.

LCD Monitor Is Not On

The user has the option of turning the LCD monitor on or off. When the LCD monitor is off, the display will not show anything. Press the DISPLAY button to turn the monitor on.

LCD Image is Hard To See

Bright lights or sunlight will reflect off of the LCD screen making images appear dark and difficult to see. Try getting under a shaded area to see the LCD screen better.

Restart Camera

If the above suggestions do not work, try turning the camera off and then back on. Sometimes restarting the device will allow the logic board to recognize the LCD.

Disconnected Wires

If you have tried all of the suggestions above and the LCD screen is still not working, you may want to check if the wires connecting the LCD to the logic board are still connected. To access the LCD screen, refer to this guide.

Malfunctioning LCD

If the wires are intact and the camera works, but the LCD screen still doesn't show an image, there may be a problem with the LCD or the camera's firmware. Professional repair may be required.

Shutter Will Not Release

The camera is on, but the shutter will not release to take a picture.

Flash is Charging

The flash status lamp is the lower light located next to the viewfinder. If this light is blinking red, then the capacitor used to create the flash is charging. No pictures can be taken until it is charged. When the flash status lamp lights red and stops blinking, then the flash lamp capacitor is fully charged. You should then be able to take a picture.

Insufficient Memory

The camera will not take a picture if there is not a sufficient amount memory to store the picture. Check to make sure that there is enough space in the camera’s memory or SD card to take a picture. Delete any unneeded images and videos to clear up space.

Dirt Got Inside the LCD Monitor

Dirt or other debris got underneath the LCD cover.

Clean the LCD Monitor

This guide will show you how to remove the back cover. You can then remove any debris on top of the LCD or behind the screen cover by using a brush or other cleaning tools. Take extra care not to damage the LCD monitor with cleaning tools.

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