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Phone will not turn on

Hold switch on

To turn on the phone you have to hold the power switch down for a few seconds. Pressing it quickly once will not do anything.

Drained/bad battery

Try charging your phone. If it will still not turn on after charging it, test the battery with a voltmeter. Replacement batteries are available for purchase online and at any phone store that sells the Blackberry Curve 8900. Replace the old battery with the new one.

Bad display

If the phone appears to not be on, but the keys are lighting up and you can receive calls, your display might be bad. Refer to the screen replacement guide to replace this.

Phone has a cracked case

These models are known to be very fragile. If your case is cracked there are a couple of possibilities in the way it can be fixed. Both are listed below.

Phone still under warranty

If your phone is still under warranty you can take it to your wireless provider and usually get a a refurbished device. This repair is not covered under some warranties.

Phone out of warranty/case not covered under warranty

If your phone is out of warranty or your warranty does not cover this kind of repair you might have to replace the case yourself. There are a few simple steps to replace the case that is broken.

Keys are sticking or do not appear to work

If your keys are sticking something may have gotten under the keypad or there is a loss of connection when the key is pressed (make sure it is not stuck in the depressed position).

If nothing happens when a key is pressed, an application may need to be assigned to the key, depending on the key and its possible multiple functions. Clarify this by checking the software guide available online. Some helpful links are located under the Additional Information header at the device page.

Replacing the keypad

If the keypad needs to be replaced, this is a fairly simple procedure to follow the instructions to do this.

Cannot hear what the other person is saying

This is usually a speaker problem if the connection is damaged or loose inside the case. The speaker may need to be replaced with a new one.

If the speakerphone function is not clearly audible, replacing the speaker may also resolve this issue.

The other person can't hear what you are saying

Making sure the microphone is not covered up, it may have been damaged inside the case and needs to be replaced. This is a microphone problem and can easily be replaced.

The speakerphone function is muffled, garbled or has an echo

This is a speaker problem as well and replacing the speaker should resolve the issue.

Phone randomly powers down or displays other erratic behavior

This is possibly a problem with the motherboard if it has been damaged inside the case. It can be replaced with a new one to greatly improve the overall function of the phone.

Weak signal where you used to get a lot of bars

This may because the internal antenna has been damaged or the connection is loose inside the case.

Headphones won't work or crackle

The audio jack may be damaged. If it is a blue-tooth the passkey may already be defined.

Do not attempt to re-wire headphones or ear-buds, these items need to be replaced with new ones to avoid heat damage or injury to the wearer.

The phone won't charge

Several things need to be verified for this problem.

Check to see if the battery is properly seated in the correct position so the phone can be charged.

A specific charger is needed to power the battery properly, make sure the charger is the correct one.

Old or damaged battery

As batteries age they are unable to retain as much charge. The life of the battery decreases with every charge cycle. Thankfully this is an easy repair. All that is needed is to order a replacement battery and install it in the back of the phone.

Power port damaged

The power port is something that definitely needs to be replaced right away. Sometimes the phone will charge if the charger is held in the right position, but the problem with continue to deteriorate.

Wrong charger

Using the wrong charger on your phone can be very dangerous. Even though a charger might fit, the amperage of the AC to DC converter might be different. Always check a charger you are planning on using against the specifications of the original charger.

Damaged charger

A charger should be replaced immediately if the cord is frayed, getting warm, smelling burnt, or missing the ground plug. For safety precautions and fire hazard risk, do not attempt to repair a damaged charger, replace it with a new one.

Crushed audio jack or power port

Either of these ports can be crushed/physically damaged from a fall or even continually leaving it in your bag.

Audio jack

If you do not use your audio jack very often this might be a repair that can be put off for awhile.

Power port

The power port is something that definitely needs to be replaced right away. Sometimes the phone will charge if the charger is held in the right position, but the problem with continue to deteriorate.

Navigation ball sticks or does not respond

The navigation ball may have become loose or damaged even in its protective housing unit located directly above the keypad, making it easy to replace both at the same time!

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