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Cal Poly, Team 2-12, Propen Fall 2012

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Tag del Team: CPSU-PROPEN-F12S2G12

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Disassembling Quasar Microwave Outer Cover

This is a guide on how to take off the outer cover of the Quasar microwave to...

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Quasar Microwave Replacing the Lightbulb

How to replace a broken or burned out lightbulb in a Quasar microwave.

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Quasar Microwave Capacitor Replacement

This guide details the process for replacing the capacitor in a Quasar...

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Repairing Quasar Microwave Door Handle

If you press the door handle down and the door doesn't open, read on!

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Repairing Quasar Microwave Fan

This guide will describe various ways to fix the microwaves fan if it is no...

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Repairing Quasar Microwave Sparking Inside

This guide will help diagnose and attempt to correct problems that may cause...