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Information and repair instructions for Danby Freezer

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Danby premiere freezer DCF555W Not turning on.

I bought it used worked few days then stopped. Tried to replace start relay/overload and it sounded like it was turning on then a pop and it shut off (with burning smell).

Watched a bunch of videos and seems the connectors need replacing as they are corroded. Ill post photos of my readings below, in case ive done them wrong.

I dont want to buy a new one if this can be fixed. Any troubleshooting help will be greatly appreciated.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @lexxiplexi,

Does the pilot light work when the power is connected?

Did you check the overload protector for continuity as I'm not quite sure if you did or didn't? It should test 0.00 Ohms i.e. a short circuit on the meter.

You said that the pins on the compressor look OK, but did you test the windings for continuity? You should get continuity between pins C → S and C→ M. I don't know what the resistance value would be but it shouldn't be OL or infinite ohms i.e. open circuit, on the meter.

You can't really effectively test a capacitor using a DMM (digital multimeter) but a quick and dirty test is to discharge the capacitor first by shorting out the capacitor terminals and then connect the meter across the terminals and you will see the meter register a reading as the capacitor charges. Once the reading stops or at least slows then reverse the meter leads and watch if the meter registers a reading again. Basically the meter is charging and the discharging the capacitor. You won't know if the capacitor is the correct value but at least you know that it isn't open circuit.

Here's a video that explains the principle of operation and how to test a start relay in a refrigerator/freezer that may also help to check if the relay is OK or not.

If you find parts that are faulty then there's not too many suppliers out there that have them. Here's a supplier that has a start relay, but unfortunately no run capacitor or compressor, (is the compressor humming when you apply power to the freezer?). If the capacitor is faulty then the specifications are printed on the can. Unfortunately I can't make out what it shows in the image you provided but what you need is the capacitance value in microfarads (µF or MF) and the VW rating (working voltage rating).

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Compressor humming is usually an indication of a problem with the start winding circuit as the motor can't start on the run winding only i.e. either start winding (which you said is OK), start relay (which you tried old and new) and the capacitor for which you got no reading so it most probably is faulty.

Basically on startup current flows through both the start and run windings so as to produce enough electromagnetism i.e. torque, to overcome the inertia of the motor in the rest or idle position. Once it runs up to speed then the start relay disconnects the start winding from the operate circuit (it has thin wires so you don't want to burn them out) and the motor runs on the run winding only (it has thicker wires). The capacitor helps to increase the current flow through the start winding by changing the phase angle of the voltage supply.

I would change the capacitor. Usually they're not that expensive.


I updated my post with new photos. Waiting on parts. Will update if I end up fixing it or not.



So after thoroughly testing everything it seemed to me the most likely culprit was the corrosion on the connectors. I cut those off replaced them, but also replaced the relay and overload because there was corrosion on that as well. Plugged it in and it stays on, so yay! The green light is flickering, so ill wait a few hours and see if it actually cools and now the wires are a bit short. I couldnt get the plastic relay cover over them, so may have to extend the wires.

Anyways thank you again, and here's hoping it works.


And it does not cool at all. I can feel the compressor vibrating but nothing very quiet too so, I think it's toast. Ah well!



That's a shame.

Probably not worth investing any more money on it getting it fixed i.e. either new compressor or check the refrigerant in case of a leak and then hope that it can be repaired


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