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Model number: 20R1000RUS, Released in June 2019

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Lenovo x1 carbon laptop not turning on after a fall.

I am trying to fix a relative's laptop that fell and crashed to the ground. No visible signs of damage except one crack on the power button. When connecting the charger the charge indicator turns on normally, and the power button blinks 3 times as usual, but won't turn on. Already tried replacing the daughterboard to no results.

Any ideas?

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You will need to open it up and check that all connections are good including CPU, GPU, hard drive, reseat RAM modules, Wi-Fi, screen cables, etc.

Hardware Maintenance Manual

Have you tried the Reset option with a paper clip? Go to the explaination here:

Why does my power button blink 3 times?

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I already opened it up but all the above are connected to the motherboard, how can I check the connection? The multimeter wasn't very helpful due to the very fine nature of the contacts.


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