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Confused about the white dots on laptop screen

Can anyone guide me about these hairy white lines or dots on my laptop screen. These are not like the usual ones (white spots on leds )

Update (10/28/23)

Here's the picture

Block Image

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Picture added!



Have you tried gently cleaning the screen with Isopropyl Alcohol 99%+ to see if the spots can be removed?

Do this with the laptop turned off.


@jayeff DO NOT use IPA. A damp, not wet, microfiber rag only.



I've read that some have had problems using IPA but I've used it for years with no ill effects but only on TVs, laptops and monitor screens but not on phones.

This is based on that they have some kind of a glass covering over the screen whereas phones being touch devices may need to have a different type of cover surface.

Never had a touchscreen laptop or monitor so I would treat them the same as phones.

But I will bear it in mind what you said.



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Either a dirty screen or stuck pixels. There are some programs available that will exercise the screen and possibly fix the stuck pixels, but they come with a warning that is might make things worse.

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Pixels can fail bright. ( They can fail dark too). You would notice it more when powering on, the screen is dark. When Windows is running most screens are bright and the stuck on pixels are not as obvious.


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