Pixelated video and distorted sound on projector

I have several of these connected a three different models of Epson projectors in all the classrooms at the school I manage. One classroom is constantly reporting distorted video and audio for their device. I've swapped their Windows 10 Dell computer for a new model, as well as their projector for a different model. I tried two different adaptors, but the issue continues. I've updated all devices and tried from different positions in the room. I followed the troubleshooting guide on the Microsoft website and can't seem to find a working solution. Am I missing something or is this teacher doomed to have poor video quality?

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Hi @ndelgado,

Have you tried changing the channel used by the WiFi network that the adapter and projectors are connected to?

If there are a lot of different WiFi networks in close proximity, but they're all sharing the same channel (check WiFi router settings) this can cause interference and slow the transmission signalling between connected devices which can cause problems.

Are there any fluorescent lights on in the rooms where the adapters are being used? Faulty ballasts in fluorescent lights can cause interference to WiFi signals

just some thoughts


Hello @jayeff,

Thanks for the suggestions. I don't have access to the WiFi settings, but I'll ask someone who does to take a look at it for me. All our rooms use ballast lights and I'll definitely take a look at that.

Thanks again.


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