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A compact wireless mouse by Logitech.

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My Logitech M185 does not turn on

Hi, I just got a used Logitech M185 but it does not turn on.

I already opened it but I couldn't find anything suspicious.

Is there anything else I could try?

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Have you tried changing batteries?


Yes, I already tried that.


@websnke When you turn on the mouse then plug the USB receiver into your PC, is there a sound from your PC speaker?



The main problem is that the mouse doesn't turn on at all. The USB receiver should be fine.


@websnke These sort of mice use an invisible optic system so you can't visually tell if the mice is running or not, they don't have the usual red laser of most mice. Hence the need for the sound to really check if the mouse is active and being detected.


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Hi @websnke

Are the battery connector terminals in the mouse, bright and shiny i.e. not corroded and are they exerting enough tension on the battery when it is inserted, ensuring a good electrical connection?

If so then you may have to open the mouse and check for any obvious problems on the motherboard e.g. loose solder joint on motherboard from the battery terminals or water damage to the board, burnt looking components etc.

Being a "used" device, unless you know its history, you don't know what may have happened to it.

Here's the ifixit Disassemblaggio del mouse wireless Logitech M185 guide that may help.

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