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Freezer cold but not freezing

I have searched everywhere, but have not found anything on the issue that I am facing. We had a power outage and after power returned my top mounted freezer is cold, but not freezing.

I have removed that back panel to expose the evaporator coils and the copper piping that joins the evaporator coils is a solid block, but there is zero build up on the coils themselves. The fan is also working without issue.

Although maybe unrelated, I have check the defrost heater and it shows continuity. Airflow is not an issue, since the freezer is now empty.

I tried blocking the airflow into the fridge so that the thermostat would think it is warmer then it was in the freezer - but it made no difference.

Any help is appreciated !

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Hi @markmcgarrity,

What is the model number of the refrigerator?

What is the actual temperature in the freezer compartment? Use a thermometer in case the display temp (if there is one) is wrong.


Hi Jayeff


The freezer gets down to around 40 degrees F, measured using an analog meat thermometer.


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I don't have any specific expertise in refrigerators, but while you wait for someone to chime in who may have a more specific solution, have a look at the Whirlpool Freezer Not Freezing troubleshooting page. There's some pretty extensive steps and things you can check to point you in the right direction.

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Thank you. I have done most of the items in that list, but there were some I thought would not be relevant, but I might as well try them :)


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Hi @markmcgarrity

Please confirm the model number of the refrigerator?

Here's a list of all the Whirlpool 4YET2* models that I could find, from this supplier and also this supplier as I couldn't find anything regarding YET2AL* models.

The answer above has a check list that mentions checking the door seals. Sometimes a visual inspection may not indicate a problem that could be there. If you haven't already done so, place a sheet of paper between the freezer door and the freezer door jamb and with the door closed normally i.e. no pressure on it by you to keep it closed, try pulling it out. It will come out with a bit of an effort but not easily and it definitely shouldn't fall out by itself. Do this at various places around the door, top, bottom and both sides. Also check the door alignment to ensure that it is parallel to the cabinet in case it is a hinge problem

Is the compressor running continually trying to get the temp down? If the compressor does stop occasionally then the problem may be due to a faulty temp sensor or control board thinking that the temp is OK when it's not.

Is the evap unit in the freezer icy cold i.e. 0°F to the touch?

Is the condenser unit under the fridge near the compressor warm to the touch?

If the answers are yes, no and yes then there's a problem with the sealed system.

The sealed system comprises the compressor, evaporator unit, condenser unit, filter dryer and associated piping.

If the temp is not right and the compressor is running continually, then this could be due to either a faulty compressor, a lack of refrigerant (leak? - look for oily residue on pipes near condenser and compressor) a blockage in the system (check for ice build up on the pipes near the compressor/condenser) or in the filter dryer perhaps.

To check the sealed system depending on your location you may have to to get a licensed refrigerator repair service. This is due to the environmental regulations regarding the handling of refrigerant gases

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