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Manufactured by Dell Inc., this is a 19 in LCD monitor / TFT active matrix with a native Resolution of 1280 x 1024 and an aspect Ratio of 5:4

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Are the power supply for a 1908 and 1907 interchangeable?

I have a 1908FPT with the 2-second display problem, it will display for a couple of seconds at power up then go dark. what i've read is this can usually be resolved by swapping out the internal power supply board (probably a capacity or two has leaked). i have a 1907FPC that does work but has a lower resolution.

can i pull the power supply board from the 1907FPC and replace the power supply board in the 1908FPT? i'm perfectly happy sacrificing the 1280x1024 monitor to resurrect the 1920x1080 monitor if the power boards are compatible.


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Hi @beekerc

Did you check to see if any capacitors had leaked?

If you're going to exchange the boards the monitor has to be opened anyway.

Not sure if they are equivalent or not but given the cost it may be simpler to get a replacement board - part # 6832177600P01 (examples only) or fix the original if leaking caps are obvious and keep the other monitor in a working condition. You never know when you may need it.

Here are the ifixit Dell 1908FPb monitor power supply Replacement and Dell 1907FPc Monitor Power Supply Replacement guides that may help.

If the board numbers of the power boards are identical then they can be interchanged but if not maybe not. Sometimes boards are the same even if they have different board numbers but I wouldn't trust it.

Immagine Dell 1908FPb monitor power supply


Dell 1908FPb monitor power supply Replacement



30 minutes - 1 hour

Immagine Dell UltraSharp 1907FPc 19" LCD Monitor Power Supply Replacement Power Supply


Dell 1907FPc Monitor Power Supply Replacement



30 minutes - 1 hour

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thanks. did see those two guides and from the looks of it, they are not compatible. yes, my research did mention bad capacitors, and while i'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, the demise of radio shack means there are no brick and mortar stores to find and get parts and i'm not about to pay $7 S&H for a $0.30 capacitor. so i'll shop around for a pulled and tested board (probably on ebay).



did manage to find a used & tested power supply board on ebay for <$20.

worth it to keep this monitor up and running.



Good news.

Thanks for the feedback



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