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The Kia Carnival is a minivan manufactured by Kia Motors, introduced in September 1998, marketed globally under various nameplates–prominently as the Kia Sedona is currently in its third generation.

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What causes the wheels to shake at 60 km/h?

What causes the wheels to shake at 60 km/h?

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Get a wheel balance and wheel alignment done at a reputable tyre service centre

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Also tires can become delaminated! This often happen with steel belts if you hit a deep pot hole. The tire compresses causing it to crease at the edge of the hole and that starts the process.


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As Jay has suggested going to tire shop, but before you go take a look at wheels if spoked mag type, and see if any snow melted to a spot of ice acting as huge weight hidden behind wheel.

If winter conditions apply.

A quick shot at a car wash, where you have wand in hand, will remove any stuck ice on the wheel.

If process of jacking wheel up off the ground just enough to spin the wheel is too difficult, then this next test can be done at tire shop instead.

Mainly to check if any tire damage if curbing was hit, causing cords in the tire to break, and now tire has as slight egg shaped distortion that will show up when rotated by hand and close enough to skid to a stop against stationary object like your driveway showing the bad spot where it stopped.

That tire would need to be replaced regardless.

If tires are generally in good shape - the tire shop might have the option to true the tire first before balancing - then 100 mph is never felt.

This is how all race cars are done. They're never just balanced.

The overall condition of tires is key.

If a good half of its wear is still left, best option after balancing step is rotate the front wheels straight back to the rear on both sides.

Rear tires will usually run more true than the fronts. And best option is also best tread depth should be on the front to have the best traction when wet or light snow on front wheel drive cars.

Just know driving too long with severe out of balance tires will over work the shock absorbers,

to where they will no longer be effective. But I'd make sure they are checked regardless, as it's a major safety issue keeping car under control in defensive moves. If mileage is known of vehicle and tires, this also helps to solve issues.

*While at the shop make sure all steering components are checked for any out of spec wear.

Best of luck,,


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