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The Capresso Infinity Model #565 is a conical burr grinder that is used to grind coffee beans varying across sixteen settings from Turkish fine to coarse.

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Repairing Burnt out Motor (Kitchen Appliance): Burr Coffee Grinder


I think I've "burnt out the motor," or whatever the technical term is, on my burr coffee grinder, by plugging it in to a 240v plug.

Is the solution replacing the motor, the wiring, or what? I assume many appliances operate the same when having and issue like this, so any advice from similar kitchen appliances are welcome!

Thank you for your time!

Update (02/02/2023)

I finally opened up the coffee grinder to examine the issue (btw, my grinder is an OXO one that doesn't have a guide yet on fixit.)

I think I found the problem(see images where components have burn damage)..but I have no idea what I'm looking at.

I'm quite keen to fix it. Especially since I emailed OXO for help and they said "just buy a new one."

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@z_ro we actually see this quite often on here :-) Anyhow, like it was mentioned before, you do need to take a look at it. If yours has an internal fuse, you maybe safe. Most of those still blow some parts on the logic boards. Commonly are the resistors and rectifiers. Most of the stuff is repairable but we need to see it. Take some good pictures of your Burr Coffee Grinder (make and model?) and post those with your question. If you can get it apart, go ahead and do so and again post plenty of images so we can assist you further.

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You can repair motors but most of the time it’s more hassle than it’s worth

Before we jump to any conclusions about it being the motor it could be worth checking a few things first such as

The fuse:the fuse could have saved the machine and check to see if it’s blown(visually or with a multimeter,if using a multimeter put it in continuity and if it beeps that means the the fuse hasn’t blown)

Also might be worth opening it up to see if the electronics have been damaged as that too could have had double the volts put through it

If all looks good inside replacing the motor is probably the fix

Here’s a guide for that

Capresso Infinity Motor Replacement

If you see anything off or need any help let me know

Hopefully this helps

Any questions please ask


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Hi. What if the grinder emits an odor, like burnt cable, but keeps working normal? Should I check inside or send it to a service? Thanks


@omar69834 A burnt odor most likely indicates an overheating component or wire and continued use without resolving the issue can cause damage or a even dangerous malfunction and is not recommended.


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