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The X9 500, a maxi-scooter built by Piaggio from 2002-2007. The X9 is Piaggio's top-of-the-line luxury touring scooter, and its options included an automatic center stand, passenger intercom, and a stereo system.

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Cutting out after 30 seconds

I have a Piaggio X9 500 evolution, it will start up ok but cuts out after 30 seconds, any ideas, I have checked the fuses, the fuel pump seems to be working ok, changed the fuel, all the usual stuff, thanks Sean.

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Periodic maintenance performed, oil and coolant changed, spark plug replaced? Service manual; Unleaded fuel with ethanol may allow corrosion buildup in the carburetor passages requiring disassembly for inspection, cleaning and possibly overhaul. Ignition system may need inspection too.


Thanks for the reply, it has a full service history, last service done 300 miles ago but it has be stood a while, but to add to the problems it will not start now !! , fuel pumps working, its injecting and it has a spark !.


".... it will not start now!!" can mean no starter sounds/dead silence (battery, battery cables, starter failure) or starter turns over the engine but engine won't fire up (no fuel on spark plugs, no spark or zero compression).


Hi, It turns over fine, removed and cleaned all leads, new battery, it has spark but it was little yellow not a nice blue spark and it is injecting fuel ??? I feel like I'm chasing a gremlin.


Can you smell or see fuel on the spark plug? This is one way to verify fuel reaching the cylinder. If spark and fuel are there then you should test for compression. A thumb covering the spark plug hole while starting should give some indication of compression while a compression gauge is more accurate in determining if valves, piston rings or excessive wear causes loss of compression. Little to no compression suggests a worn out engine despite fuel and spark being available.


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Hi @burrows

Haven't checked it out but here's a link to the service manual that may help.

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Thankyou 👍 I will take a look.


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