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Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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Does my (Sound bar) JBL cinema sb160 need a new power supply



Hello thank you for looking at my post I looked everywhere on the web and couldn’t find a solution. I have two JBL soundbars and sub woofers both the same model JBL cinema sb160. One works one doesn’t!

I replaced the dead fuses in the main plug to the soundbar for both my sb and woofer this was caused by a faulty power rail that is now replaced. Sound bar does not turn on when plugged in to mains, has no lights or response to inputs. Sub woofer has a flashing light and pairs with my identical sound bar.

I tested the output of the sb power supply disconnected from the motherboard pcb. It has a 17.5V output. The plug says it is rated for 30W and 2.5A. Does this seem right or can I use a laptop charger perhaps 12V for this to work? OR is the motherboard pcb faulty and i scrap the thing.

TLDR: The plug is rated for 30W and 2.5A but the power supply reads 17.5V disconnected from the mb pcb does this seem right?

Close up shots of the power supply:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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My power supply board is problam


I have the same issue with my Jbl Sb160, PSU has issues and im struggling to fix the issue. Is 19v 1.2A 40 Watts still working for you @scarlettv


I have same problem for JBL cinama SB231


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Yes my power supply did need to be replaced. I have been using a generic laptop charger 40W 19V 2.1A. It has been working great for the past 2 months now. Soldered the terminals right on the mother board using the old power supply socket and works like new. Thanks to @jayeff for guiding me!

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Hi @scarlettv ,

What does the power supply measure in the working unit, if you test it the same way?

The plug rating may not be directly related with the actual voltage/current values supplied by the power supply. It may that they're less but the plug is designed to electrically handle the values stated on the plug, if you get what I mean i.e. they're max values for the plug

30W @ 17.5V = 1.72A

30W @ 2.5A = 12V

2.5A @ 17.5V = 43.75W

The first two equations above would comply with the plug rating, but not the last

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Yes thank you so much for replying, I understand you.

The back of the unit says 30W. Which means that the power supply is probably working fine. I didn't want to open the second unit but I'm confident enough to know what I'm doing so I'll test that next. Thanks again


Hey @jayeff

I've tested the working unit's power supply on standby and in use and it reads 24.4V constantly. So that definitely means that the power supply is the issue on the broken unit right?


Is the only way to revive this sound bar to get two 12V DC chargers and hook them up in series to the motherboard? @jayeff



How do you intend to connect 2 x 12V chargers in series if they both have AC inputs and DC outputs. You can't connect the DC output of one charger into the AC input of the other and if you contrive to wire the outputs in series you may not get 24V and maybe you'll damage the chargers as one will be feeding back into the other

It may be better to get a suitably rated 24V charger or find out what is wrong on the power supply board.

Post some close up images of the power board (or the section of the board where the power connects to if there is only one board).

Here's how to do this on ifixit Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda



Thanks so much for following up and on the advice I'll have some close up shots of the power supply board uploaded in a week since I don't have access to them right now.


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