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A treadmill is a device for walking or running while staying in the same place.

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Circuit control board not doing its job.

have a True brand treadmill, model 350 HRCB. Purchased in 2002 and still in excellent shape. Drive motor for the tread does not work. Everything else works fine. Had a treadmill service company come out to make the repair. They tested the motor by itself and found that it does work, but the controlling circuit board does not. So the motor will not run.

Searching for a replacement board has been unsuccessful from the manufacture or on the outside market.

Can the board be repaired???? Can anyone support and advise on these types of repairs?

Update (02/16/2022)

Hello Jayeff and thank you for your reply. There is only one board in the treadmill and a photo of it was in the original post. I think that board controls the motor speed of the moving tread and the incline adjusting screw gear motor. The incline feature still works perfectly well, just the tread belt motor will not run. Here are a few more pictures of the board:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @bmurphy427 ,

Post some close up images of the control board ( do you mean the Control board or the motor control board?) in case there is something to be seen that is not right.

Here's how to do this on ifixit Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

Also what is the "board number" of the faulty board in question? Sometimes they are a common board used by other manufacturers and can be sourced by searching for the board number. The board number is printed on the board itself.

As regards to repairing the board, a reputable, professional electronics repair service may look at it but it may take a bit of time to work out what's wrong. Board level fault finding without a schematic is not easy.

There is a service manual available that would help them although the schematics are only rudimentary and not detailed but the descriptions may help the repairer somewhat at least to know what should be happening.

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Hi @bmurphy427 ,

Unfortunately there was no image in your original question. There are only the 4 images that you have just posted.

Looking at the images I can't see much so cannot tell what may be damaged but one piece of info is that the board number is ME74T-2D

Searching online I came across this board which is a ME74T-2B but I don't know if it is compatible and given the cost I wouldn't chance it. I couldn't find one with your exact board number.

Looking at used boards for other True Fitness treadmill models they all seem to be in the $US200-$US300 range.

I'm fairly sure a reputable electronics repair service could repair it cheaper


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