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The HP Pavilion is a 15.6" inch touchscreen all-purpose laptop manufactured by HP. It's model number, 15-ay041wm.

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Can I upgrade the storage to an SSD?

The disk drive in my computer is constantly at 100%. Is there anyway that I can upgrade the HDD to an SSD?

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Hi @shuttlecock,

You can replace the HDD with an SSD, but just because the HDD is constantly at 100% doesn’t mean that inserting a SSD will resolve the problem.

How much ram is installed in the laptop? It may be that there isn’t enough for what you’re trying to do with the laptop and that the HDD is being utilized as virtual memory and the paging file is too small.

There may also be another reason why the HDD is being fully accessed all the time.

Check in Task Manager > Processes > Disk to see what process is using the HDD the most and find out what it is and why it may be doing this. To get to Task Manager, right click on the Taskbar and click on the Task Manager link.

If you wish to replace the HDD then here’s the maintenance and service guide for the laptop, taken from this webpage. Go to p.38 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove/replace the HDD.

Looking at the manual it appears that there is an option to have an additional M.2 SSD installed as well (see p.65) if you need more storage etc

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Also a lot of these Walmart laptops have cheap and nasty CPUs, or at least lower end ones - my EliteBook 840 G3 rips with an NVMe SSD, but it's running a i5-6200U CPU/8GB RAM - my 16GB 6300U setup (Samsung LTN IPS panel replaced the Innolux SVA panel) is even better :-). This looks to be passably descent with a 6th gen i3, and it comes with 8GB which is impressive for Walmart. My fear is HP used the SATA interposer to appease Walmart - on this, it should still be there since NVMe is part of the Skylake spec, but OP probably needs the M.2 board and cannot keep both; one or the other.

The HP has since mostly replaced my E7440 due to issues finding batteries that aren't hot garbage, sad to say. I still use it, but when I have the choice HP>Dell due to the battery issues and cost to get one that holds up :/.


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This is coming from someone with an EliteBook 840 G3 (i5-6200U/8GB/Intel Pro 7600p 256GB NVMe SSD). The 6300U 840 G3 isn’t much faster in practice, but it has Intel SGX support. I installed the NVMe SSD on day one and it's the way to go as far as an SSD goes, if supported - Skylake-present systems accept these drives.

The Skylake CPUs handle NVMe SSDs very well, especially with an optimized Win10 installation image (read: Media Creation Tool, not HP) and 16GB of RAM. Unlike past releases of Windows, you no longer need to use OEM media to maintain the SLIC key - the Media Creation Tool image activates OEM (BIOS embedded) and Retail keys.

Get a good 256-512GB NVMe SSD (Samsung, WD/SanDisk or Intel*) for this laptop. Unlike Grade B drives these cost a bit more but they are much better, even though a descent chunk of B grade drives are very close. However for yours you need an NVMe adapter which goes where the 2.5” SATA drive goes. Refer to this guide to take the laptop apart but take your time - this isn’t a 10-minute job, but it's not a nightmare.
IMPORTANT: Your -wm version of the laptop shipped with the SATA hardware but is NVMe compatible. This is due to Walmart selling the laptop with spinning rust, so you need to swap the SATA bracket/cable for the M.2 parts. You need the HP M.2 board (Spare# 850946-001), and M.2 caddy (AM1EM000700) as the mounts are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

*WARNING: ONCE THE SSD IS “END OF LIFE” (100% TBW used), THE SANDFORCE DRIVES SELF BRICK WITHOUT WARNING - BUY NEW UNLESS IT IS CHEAP OR HAS LOW USE. Blame Sandforce for this BS - I’m not sure about the ones using other controllers, or Intel controllers; they probably better handle EOL by permanently locking it into read only mode.

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Yes, you can remove your existing hard drive and fit a SATA SSD drive in its place. Best way is to get an equal size or larger and use a usb to SATA cable and Partition Magic software to copy old to new.

HOWEVER, the reason why your hard drive is at 100% is probably because it is indexing your files. Either leave it running for a day when you're not using it (reindexing will not take as long) or stop the indexing service and put up with slower searches of your data. If you don't search your hard drive often this is not a great hardship.

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