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The Surface Laptop 2 by Microsoft was released October 2018.

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Surface pro 2 keeps turning on then off

Hi guys,

Before anyone says "use it as a door stop or a coaster" hear me out, i was given this for free and want to give it to my daughter to use for school, the issue i have here is the person who gave it to me decided in "recovery section" to go into Dos and do a diskpart (Clean) on the drive and now the surface turns on for 2 seconds flashes the surface logo then turns off and repeats over and over

Does anyone know of any fix for this at all?? would be greatly appreciated

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There are some troubleshootings you can just check out.

Step 1: Check to see if there are any keys stuck/depressed.

Step 2: Observe where the boot process ends and starts over.

Step 3: Boot in safe mode or the operating system equivalent.

Step 4: Check to see if your laptop is overheating.

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