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Repair guides and support for computer monitors produced by Samsung.

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Samsung C32HG70 horizontal lines

I brought a Samsung C32HG70 a few days ago ( no power and when it was had the vertical lines until warmed up issue). I’ve manager to sort the power problem and also the vertical lines, however the panel has horizontal lines across the whole screen anybody have any ideas on what it might be? Included couple of pics running the Xbox Series X on it today.

Block Image

Block Image

Update (02/08/2021)

I’ve had the back off the panel again and it seems to have a small 3mm split in one of the lvds that connects it on the lcd panel at the bottom, could this be causing the issue?

Block Image

like circled in the picture here.

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Horizontal or a vertical lines on your LCD display usually indicates a bad LCD display (the panel itself has a very "partial", or "localized" failure). You can try with another screen to see if the issue insists. Or check out the post - How to Fix Vertical Lines on Monitor.

If it is the hardware problem, you’ll have to replace the screen.

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Thanks for the reply, added a quick update to the question.


@coys77 You're most welcome.


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