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Repair guides for cameras by the Japanese manufacturer Fujifilm.

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Brand new instax mini 7 has one orange light blinking fast

I just got a instax mini 7 today & lodes the film and instantly it start making weird noises and clicking, and nothing comes out. Now anytime I even just turn the camera on it instantly does the weird noises and starts blinking an orange light fast that doesn’t stop. Is something jammed or broken already? It’s not the batteries because it has brand new batteries in it.

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Mine is doing the exact same thing, did you figure out a fix?


Mine too! I want to know if I need to get a new one or something.


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Hi Seleste Donahue

If you had tested with another fresh new batteries, and it still happens, what i can suggest you is to send in for repairs / replacement as i believe it is still under warranty. See if you can return to the place of purchase to exchange foe a new one.

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My camera is doing the same and I'm so confused why. when the first time it did that, I just put it away. But put new batteries in it today and it is still doing the same clicking. Making sound like something is broken in the inside.

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