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Stylus for the iPad Pro (3rd Generation) featuring gesture controls and magnetic attachment and charging. Launched November 2018. Model A2051.

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Connected but not working

Hi I have the pencil 2 and an 2020 iPad Pro the pencil has connected to the iPad magnetically and showing on Bluetooth, however the pencil is not doing anything I have tried the following

turn Bluetooth on and off

forgot pencil in Bluetooth and reconnecting

restarting ipad

changed tips

all with no joy. Has anyone any ideas that may help? Thanks

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To date, the second Apple Pencil only works with the 11-inch iPad Pro and third-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Firstly check out if the 2nd generation Apple Pencil works with your iPad.

Go into settings and make sure Bluetooth is turned off. Plug in pencil and quickly turn on Bluetooth. The pad must recognize the pencil from settings instead of the pop up box.

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I’m having the same issue with my daughter’s pencil. We have several 11 inch iPad Pros in the family. When we connect the pencil to the side of any iPad, the iPads recognize the pencil and can see the status of it’s charge. However, once connected none of the iPads are responding to the pencil in the OS, in Procreate, or in any browser. I know it isn’t a problem with the iPads, because all of the other pencils can be rotated and function with no issues. So it’s definitely an issue with the pencil. We replaced the nib with no luck. I performed a visual comparison between a working 2nd gen Apple Pencil and the subject problem pencil. Nothing stands out as a possible root cause. There are no cracks on the case and all of the conductive material on the tip (under the nib) appears to be intact, including the conductive square on the top. I wish I knew more about the construction of the pencil itself, as I feel this would help me identify root cause. I’ll post again if I can figure anything out.

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I’m having the exactly same issue. Like you, I’ve tried everything including new tips. I even notice that the double tap on the side of the pencil works to change from pen to eraser. But the tip does not register contact with the screen. Have you been able to find a resolution? Thanks


i am having the same issue the double tap gesture is working but the pencil isn't


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