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What does the diagnostic code F-31 mean?

My maytag dryer bravo quiet 300 suddenly doesnt heat up or dry. It runs like normal, but no heat. I found the diagnostic code and it was F31. Any suggestions?

Update (08/24/2020)

I dont have a dmm, but my brother might. I have been having electrical problems in the room next to my dryer!

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Thanks so much the people who answered. I have an electrician coming for my power problem and ill let him see your answers. Thanks everyone!


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Look like you have one 110 volt leg hot and the other not. Your dryer should be on a sepayart double pole throw break with nothing else connected to it.

Control displaying F31:

An L2 (Low or No Line Voltage) Error code indicates that there may be a problem with your home power supply, keeping the dryer's heater from turning on.

Try the following:

  • Check to see if a household fuse has blown or circuit breaker has tripped. Electric dryers use two household fuses or breakers. Replace the dryer fuse(s) or turn off the household circuit breaker for the dryer for one (1) minute, to reset the circuit breaker, then turn on the circuit breaker.
  • Confirm that the power cord is properly installed. Refer to the Installation Instructions for details.
  • Start a time dry cycle.
  • Monitor the dryer for one (1) minute to ensure the error code does not display again.

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The electrician came by and he said the 220 was working as a 220. I think im going to have to call a maytag man? I dont think its within my capabilities to repair. Beth


What does F1.3 code mean on Maytag Bravos 300 dryer? I can not find meaning for this code. My dryer turn on but won't start


Correcting:What does F13 code mean on Maytag Bravos 300 dryer? I can not find meaning for this code. My dryer turn on but won't start


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Hi @barmstrong ,

What is the model number of the dryer?

A Maytag F31 code means a L2 (line 2) voltage supply problem to the control board.

It could be a faulty hi limit thermostat, faulty heater element, wiring problem etc.

Do you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and know how to use it safely when testing for AC voltages, as you may need to do this, to find the problem?

Update (08/24/2020)

Hi @barmstrong ,

Here’s the user manual for the dryer.

Go to p.5 to view how the electrical connection should be for the dryer. There should be 2 x 120V AC feeds to the dryer at the wall outlet.You should check there or the power box to make sure that all the fuses/circuit breakers are OK first.

Here’s a parts supplier for the dryer. If you click on Symptoms and then look for the No Heat symptom you will get the parts most likely and their location in the dryer, so that you can test them etc.

Be safety aware when testing for the voltage at the outlet. It is high voltage AC and it can be lethal if you don’t know what you’re doing

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Model number is MEDB400VQ0.


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