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Un piccolo aggiornamento del MacBook Air di fine 2019, con lo stesso numero di modello (A1932) e numero EMC (3184). Questo modello ha uno schermo True Tone e una batteria leggermente revisionata.

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Water is trapped in Retina display, is this beyond repair?

Hey guys- my MacBook Air 2019 got rained on last night. Everything works except there appears to be a significant amount of water inside the screen. (I should mention the actual display works perfectly fine, I just pulled up an all white screen so you can see the water) Is this something I can fix or is this beyond repair and needs a replacement? Thank you!

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Wow that was some rain storm!

Well, to start with you likely have more wetness inside the main case area so I would disconnect the power cord if you still have it plugged in and you should disconnect the battery until you’ve had a chance to fully check out your system for wetness. I would make sure the rest of the system is good before you worry about the display Ask iFixit: I Spilled Liquid on My Laptop—Now What?

As far as the display its a goner ;-{

Here’s the guide to replace it Sostituzione schermo MacBook Air 13" Retina Display 2019 and here’s the needed part 13” MacBook Air Complete Display - Silver, Apple P/N 661-12587

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