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Repair guides and support for SD, miniSD and microSB memory cards used in tablets, phones and cameras.

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A microsd card doesn't read anything

The were problems on my microSD card and one of the most shocking is that my microSD card isn't functional.

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It doesn't have a logo, but I don’t know where it is made. It said SD-C02G and it was made in Taiwan. Invisibly, the card number may he 0842CC5716B, but I still don't know.

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Once I put this SD card into the computer, it doesn't read. Once I put it in my Panasonic camera, it was a memory card error.

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Hi @evanlei1

IMO normally this kind of “no brand” SD card product lifespan is quite short (limited write lifespan)

I had threw away alot of those “gift” sd cards due to card error.

Test with another known working memory card to see if it works.

if there are important data, you might need to send in to professional service for recovery. (Note: It does not come cheap)

What is your model of your panasonic camera?

check on the product specs of what size and sd card it is supported..

some reputable brands, e.g. samsung, kingston, lexar, sandisk you can consider for replacement.

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