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Portable, Bluetooth, water resistant speaker. Manufactured by Sony in 2017.

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My Speaker is not turning on and not charging

I have a sony SRS XB-30, one day suddenly it stopped charging and turning on . I wish to change the charging board .please let me know how to change the charging and battery circuit.

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Do you guys repair the charging port for the srs xb31


How can I repair it


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I do not have such an item in my possession, however changing the charging cable you are using to charge, and then if it does not get any better trying to self repair the battery circuit if you do hot have the knowledge needed to do board level repairs since lithium batteries are extremely dangerous, and flammable.

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Hi @ David Baca,

ifixit does not do repairs.

It’s volunteers offer advice on how to fix it yourself or what to do if you can’t manage that.

Here’s the ifixit Sony SRS-XB30 Charging Port Replacement guide.

It will help so that the DC power socket can be inspected to see if it is loose from the circuit board or if it needs to be replaced

If it needs to be replaced I think that the power socket is a 4.0 x 1.7mm power socket (supplier example only to show cost of part) but not 100% about this.

You will need soldering expertise and tools to re solder a loose socket or to remove/replace a faulty one.

If doing this yourself seems too daunting, contact a reputable, professional electronics repair service and ask for a quote.

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I am also having this problem, but I have repair experience.

I have opened it and the charging port is working fine. also the batteries had 6.4v but they are not being charged by the board. the button has 5v and is in working condition but nothing happens when pressed. I am now charging the batteries with my lab psu and see if it will power on…

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