Lumix G7 Camera frozen, black screen

My Lumix G7 was taking pics just fine then stopped. I thought the card was full so I erased a bunch of pics off it, but it still won’t take a pic. I removed the fully charged batter and the SCD card—nothing. The screen is black with the symbols working on it…but not image. I press down the button to take a pic and a red light lights up but won’t click. I’ve tried moving it to other settings like the Program setting, Auto setting…nothing. Can anyone help me…I desperately need this camera for work—I’m an artist. Thank you, Rachael

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Hi @rachyrach ,

Try resetting the camera by removing the battery from the camera and turning the camera On for about 20 seconds, then turn the camera Off and reinsert the battery and check what happens when you try to use it


Thank you Jayeff. It didn't work, sadly. When I press the "click" button only a red light glows out the front, it's locked I guess. The screen is still black after what you said. I also removed the lens and put it back on, tried it with memory card and without. I guess I have take it to the camera store. sigh. Any other ideas?


Hey Jayeff, I did look at the battery and fully charged it and it shows that it’s still fully charged.



Check if you can do a firmware upgrade at all. It may be corrupted firmware as you say that you get symbols on the screen so something is working.

Make sure that you get it for your exact model.

If it doesn't respond then it will be a motherboard problem


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