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The Sonos Playbase is a sleek, low-profile home audio device available in black and white. Released April 2017. Model Number: PBASEUS1

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Playbase not powering on

Is there a guide to replacing the fuse? My playbase will not power on.

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Hi, did you finally fix it? My play base is also not powering on and Sonos does not repair it because it’s 4 years old….


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There isn’t a guide on ifixit to replacing the fuse but there are guides on how to replace other components in the device.

These will help you to open the device and locate the fuse, if that is the problem. It may be something else entirely

Sonos Playbase

Usually fuses are located near to where the incoming power supply is connected to on a board.

Be aware that fuses come in all shapes, colours and sizes so it may not look like what you think a fuse should look like.

Just look for a component with a board component designation beginning with F. F= fuse.

If you can’t locate the fuse take some close up images of the power board and post them back here.

Here’s how to do this.

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It will also be handy if you have a DMM (digital multimeter) and a soldering iron and you know how to use them both as you may have to prove that the fuse is faulty or not for a start.

If the fuse has blown then there’s always a reason why a fuse blows which may have to be investigated and if it is OK then you will have to do further testing to find out what the problem is.

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