Got screen replaced now its black

Hello I'm Hoping someone can help I got the screen replaced on my s10 plus when I picked it up they said they cracked the back while replacing the front so they ordered one less than a week later the front screen cracked again same spot as the back I took it in they blamed me said I must have dropped it which I didn't needless to say I gave in had them order another screen so I'm 500 dollars in righ5 now and this morning the screen is black I can hear it but can't do anything, could this be caused by something they did as Well? Please help

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They don't sound too professional.

Did they pay for the replacement back cover?

You may be better off going to another more professional repair service and get them to look at the phone.

It may cost you a bit for a diagnosis but they should be able to tell if there is any damage that could be attributed to a repair or an accident.

Hopefully it may be that the first repairers didn't connect the screen flex cable properly and that it only came loose from the systemboard.

just my $0.02


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