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The 6th generation (E90) of Toyota's best-selling compact car. Also sold as the E90 Sprinter, Holden Nova, and Geo Prizm. This generation was the last of the Corollas to be classified as a subcompact vehicle and the first exclusively front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive Corolla (the rear-wheel-drive option was dropped for this generation).

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this is my problem

first problem of my corolla Toyota is grounded, the battery is becoming weak when engine stop. i used to recharge my battery everyday. when i start, it will start, but when i did not start the engine within three days, the battery would weak and cannot afford to start the engine. until now ,its about one month that the engine did not start. please advise me on how to repair

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i dont know on how to answer my question.



If you can charge your battery enough to start the car, once the car has started use a Voltmeter to measure the voltage across the battery terminals with the engine running.

It should measure between 13.8 -14.5V DC.

If it measures less than 13.8V DC then there is a problem either with the car's alternator or voltage regulator and the battery is not charging when the motor is running.

If it measures more than 14.5V DC it is overcharging the battery which could damage the battery.

Be safety aware when you do this as the engine is running!

Also ensure that the emergency brake (hand brake) is firmly applied


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We need the exact year of your car, also the battery may be shorted internally or have a dead cell so you should charge it up fully, to save time, then take it to your local auto parts store for a free test. If it is good then we can help you find the parasitic drain in your car. This test will involve an amp draw test which will use a multimeter, do you have a multimeter that can test amps? If you have one, do you know how to use it properly to test amps? Here is some help.

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