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Lo smartwatch Apple di terza generazione, con connettività cellulare opzionale, rilasciato il 22 settembre 2017

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Why is my watch getting hot charging after screen replacement?

So I recently changed my wife’s screen last night and stuck it on the charger. I got the green snake and left it overnight. The next morning I checked on it and it wasn’t charged. I tried to reset the watch but it stays at the green and red snake. Now when I put it back on the charger it gets very very hot. Did I damage the battery or something else?

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I am having the same problem. I am trying to check the battery now with a multimeter but I can't locate positive/negative sides of battery to test???


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Hi Aaron !

It is possible your battery is damage.

I advise you to follow the repair tutorial for the screen to check the connections and the battery replacement tutorial.

Immagine Apple Watch Series 3 Batteria


Sostituzione batteria Apple Watch Series 3



1 - 3 hours

Immagine Apple Watch Series 3 Schermo


Sostituzione schermo Apple Watch Series 3



2 - 3 hours

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Make sure you have a good battery!!!

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