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Repair and disassembly guides for projectors.

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How do I open my BenQ SH940 projector?

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I have replaced my light bulb on my BenQ SH940 (because of a popping noise and immediate power failure/loss of function). Now the power won’t come on (not even the standby LED). I hear a rattling noise inside and want to open the cover to see inside. I have found basic manuals on but I cannot find the instructions on how to remove the case… Can anyone point me to a removal guide? Thanks in advance.

Update (07/11/2019)

image inserted (thnx @oldturkey03 ). Does it help? I cant figure out why I cannot pry the cover off. What is the sequence? Do I need to first remove the lens/focus? (if so: how?)

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does anyone know where I can find instructions? Or how to open the cover?


@w3rkjana still looking. Got everything else but how to open it. Any chance you can post some good pictures of the projector so that we may compare it to other BenQ models?Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda


I posted a picture of the status quo. Screws removed, lens cover removed, bulb removed. As you see in the photo: I can get a crack opening around the bottom section of the case, but cannot find a 'release'.


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Hi @w3rkjana ,

Don't know your projector but on some equipment such as TVs there is a recessed screw beneath the model information label which is stuck on the case. Try to gently peel off any label(s) and check if there is one there. Just a thought.

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thank you for the great suggestion, tried it, - nope: sadly there are no hidden screws under the stickers.


Hi @w3rkjana ,

Look through the "open vents" on the sides, in case there are screws in there holding the cover on.

Apologies if you've already done so

Trying to cover all angles ;-)


@jayeff thanks, great suggestion, will do.


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