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The Sony GTK-XB5 is a high powered home audio system with Bluetooth that was released in 2016. This audio system is available in black, red, and blue.

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Why do not I have sound?

Hello. I have a GTK-XB5 sony. it connects bluetooth to it but nothing else is heard. when the volume button is pressed, the white ” audio in” is also on. can you help me with an opinion? what needs to be changed?

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Have you tried pressing the Function - Pairing button to see if the audio in light goes out?

Have you got an audio stereo cord plugged into the unit?


I connect my mobilephone to him by pressing the pairing button. the phone is still connect but when I want to increase the volume up , the white and blue LEDs light up at the same time. I tryed with stereo cable as well but is still not sound. I don't have sound. Everithing still work but not sound. Just when i try to press volume it is something wrong. All leds still flashing


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Did you try "resetting " the system back to its’ factory default condition and start again?

Here’s a link to the user manual.

Go to p.26 to see how to reset the system back to its’ factory default condition

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I try to do this but still not sound :(.


I try to do this. But still not sound :( .



Did it reset back OK and work correctly minus the sound, i.e. bluetooth connects OK, volume up/down- no sound but no white audio in being shown etc?

If it is no longer covered by the warranty (or extended warranty if you have chosen to have it on the product) you may have to open it up and check if there is any obvious damage to the motherboard etc.

Do this with the power totally disconnected from the system.

Here's a link to the ifixit Sony GTK-XB5 repair guide that may be of some help.

If you do notice a problem and are unsure, take some close up pictues and post them back here and hopefully someone will be able to help.

Here's how to do this.

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I had the same issue, i reset my sony GTK-XB5 according to the pdf attached (p26) and it worked for me.

So thank you very much @jayeff


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Ho lo stesso problema si collega e non si sente niente

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