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Series of HP Pavilion laptops released in 2015. The 15-p is more difficult to service then later 15-x models.

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How do I remove the keyboard from the frame and clean it on my HP Pav?

Recently, I spilled a bunch of water on my HP Pavilion 15 P Series Laptop...It's working fine for the most part except the keyboard...In order to fix the issue I need to remove the keyboard from the frame. How do I do that?

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The keyboard is spot welded into the palmrest assembly. The only way I've seen to deal with keyboard failures is to replace the palmrest assembly. I may be missing something, but there's really no practical way to replace the keyboard and make it whole again after breaking the spot welded plastic.

I personally consider this design stupid, especially since it does nothing but was HP’s way to cost reduce the assembly on their end, and mark it up when someone needs it since you need to buy both and they don’t give you a choice. The only way to remove the keyboard is a destructive teardown!

I'm going to assume you don't need the guide, since you removed it. You will need to find the HP Spare# that has the correct keyboard and color configuration, as it is sold as an assembly.

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Hi @tnrckmn ,

To help with the answer, here's a link to the service manual for your laptop series, taken from this webpage (you didn't state the actual model number, but I think that it doesn't matter much as the manual covers both the 15 and 17 models).

Scroll to p.20 - p.23 to view the part numbers for all the top covers (their name for palmrest and keyboard) for the various countries and types.

If you need a replacement top cover, search online using the part number appropriate to your particular model variant ONLY in the browser's search box.

Hopefully the part number may also be found on the underside of the top cover, but I'm not totally sure of this.


@jayeff I'm surprised HP decided a keyboard held in with spotwelded plastic was a good idea to begin with. That design is terrible. And yes, you can find the part number - it's on the keyboard cable or some other area of the palmrest. The part number I got is 762529-001, but I see multiple listed colors on Google - it needs to be refined down. It looks like a black palmrest based on what I see, and it's used on a Haswell system.

I didn't mention the HP part number or service manual since the OP already did the job and has the correct palmrest to reference. I also think anyone who can safely follow a repair guide on a laptop like this at least has a basic idea of what they are doing.


Hi @nick ,

Overkill ;-)



HP didn't repeat this terrible design on later models (admittedly the ab Series was still bad since you still need to remove a million screws, but you get complete component access at the minimum WITHOUT motherboard removal). The problem isn't so much that I will buy one of these laptops used - I know what to check for. The problem is the average person doesn't know what to look for. HP managed to beat Dell at their own game when they put the hard drive under the motherboard on the N5110. THAT is a difficult feat to one up and HP did it.

Anything relatively modern should be okay but you really need to see if it's a P Series as a starting point. If it isn't, make sure it isn't from the ab Series, despite being slightly less terrible. I can primarily tell from the hinge style. The good ones w/ complete component access without this nonsense have flatter hinges then the P Series and the ab Series, which are both notoriously difficult to work on.


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