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Portable, Bluetooth, water resistant speaker. Manufactured by Sony in 2017.

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Fryed something. Useless words to get a total of four!

My kids lost the charge cord. Found one that fit didn't pay attention it was a more highly rated cord. I couldn't smell anything burning or hear anything fry but it will not power up can I fix it or how do I fix it thank you

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I assume this is a Sony SRS XB30? When you say "a more highly rated cord" I assume you used a charger that had a higher voltage than the one for your speaker?


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@chriskrause you may have damaged either parts of your charging board or the battery. I would start by checking the board. Use this guideSony SRS-XB30 Charging Port Replacement to get to it. Then post you own pictures and let’s see if we can help you diagnose this overvoltage. Use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda for that

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2 - 5 minutes

Immagine Sony SRS-XB30 Charging Port


Sony SRS-XB30 Charging Port Replacement



5 - 10 minutes

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