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Won't boot after Microsoft 1803 update

Hi, This is actually for Zenbook UX303UA (not an option when choosing device). Anyway, I have multiple Asus laptops at work that won't boot up soon after installing the Spring 2018 Microsoft Windows 10 update - 1803. It just boots to a black screen and when you move the touchpad, the mouse pointer is just a spinning blue wheel. Microsoft says it must be an issue with drivers/bios, and Asus says it must be an issue with the Microsoft update. I'm wondering if anybody else has had this problem and if they were able to fix it.

Also, when pressing F9 during boot doesn't work on these laptops. Its supposed to display the hidden partition that will allow me to reset to factory defaults. Only option I can do is eventually get into Microsoft Advanced Options and reset the PC. However, it will only reset to 1803 update. So after a few reboots after resetting it, the same problem comes back. Someone please help!!


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Have you got a Win 10 USB recovery disc?

If not you can create one from any known working Win 10 PC.

You'll need an 8GB flashdrive and 40-60 minutes of time.

In the host PC go to Control panel > Recovery and find the link to create the recovery USB drive

Once you have the drive start the laptop and get into BIOS.

Change the boot order to USB drive first boot option and also enable Legacy USB (or CSM - not sure with your laptop which one is there). Save the changes and restart the laptop with USB inserted.

It should boot to the Windows Recovery Environment and then see if it starts in safe mode. (Troubleshoot > Advanced > Startup settings)

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While that might be a temporary fix to get Windows 10 installed again, once Microsoft auto installs the 1803 update, the same issue will arise again. I have already "reset my pc" a number of times. So my main goal is to find someone who had this same issue and was able to resolve it. - Thanks again



The intention of my answer was not to reinstall Windows back to the previous version. It was to see if it would start in 'safe mode' with this new version.

If you could have got into the WRE using the USB and selected safe mode, upon restarting the laptop, remove the USB so that it boots from the HDD and see what happens.

If you get to the desktop OK in safe mode then either it is a driver issue or perhaps a 3rd party program (A/V?) that may be preventing normal startup.

If it doesn't boot OK in safe mode, then there is always the option to try Startup repair. from WRE.

This may not work using a 1709 version recovery USB so you may have to download the latest recovery drive (media creation tool) from MS, I don't know whether it will or won't.


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I think what you need is the simplest solution. Start with your ASUS laptop switched OFF.

then press POWER switch + DELETE together, then release power key while keeping DELETE pressed for several seconds. then release. You should hear something to start whirring - that's your hard disk waking up. after the grey screen you will suddenly see an oldfashioned boot screen will appear, and you can use your cursor to get to the BOOT tab, then click on various options like Fast Boot to enable or disable then enable in the pop up window. Try to start up in minimal base safe mode. Press F10 to save and exit.

The hard disk will carry on working behind the grey screen, then suddenly your normal Windows desktop screen will appear. Leave for a couple of minutes until all usual icons have appeared but keep moving the cursor. When all the usual desktop icons appear, they may still look like blanks - you are in safe mode.

Then go to bottom and click on the windows button in order to access the power off button and power off properly.

The next time you power up, check all your video drivers.

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