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Original post by: Caroline Walcot ,


I think what you need is the simplest solution. Start with your ASUS laptop switched OFF.

then press POWER switch + DELETE together, then release power key while keeping DELETE pressed for several seconds. then release.  You should hear something to start whirring - that's your hard disk waking up. after the grey screen you will suddenly see  an oldfashioned boot screen will appear, and you can use your cursor to get to the BOOT tab, then click on various options like Fast Boot to enable or disable then enable in the pop up window.  Try to start up in minimal base safe mode.  Press F10 to save and exit.

The hard disk will carry on working behind the grey screen, then suddenly your normal Windows desktop screen will appear. Leave for a couple of  minutes until all usual icons have appeared but keep moving the cursor. When all the usual desktop icons appear, they may still look like blanks - you are in safe mode.

Then go to bottom and click on the windows button in order to access the power off button and power off properly.

The next time you power up, check all your video drivers.