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Announced on July 2015, this is Motorola's flagship phone. It has a 21 mega pixel camera with a 5.7 inch IPS TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 making it Quad HD. Model number XT1570, XT1579, XT1575 and XT1578.

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Battery problem of shutting down.

Hello. My battery is shutting down at 45% or 50%. I'm using Moto x pure edition and it's been 2 years since I bought it. Have rooted the phone also. Should I change the battery to fix it ?

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Hi @aj081 ,

Changing a 2 year old battery is the quickest way to eliminate it if it is the problem. Even rechargeable batteries have a life span.

Back up your phone before you do this, in case anything goes awry with the repair.

Here is a link to the ifixit Sostituzione batteria Motorola Moto X Pure Edition guide, which should be of some help.

Batteries are available online. Just search for Moto X Pure Edition battery to find suppliers that suit you best.

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I had the same problem and just completed the battery replacement using the iFixit battery replacement kit and guide. Replacing the battery fixed the issue and will allow me to get at least one more year out of this nice phone.

You can read more about my thoughts and experiences with this repair at

Best of luck!

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