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Insignia’s Tabletop Radio, released in 2014. It contains HD and FM radio tuning, 10 station presets, and song and artist information display.

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circuit board (main) [power]

Block Image

Block Image

Can someone tell me what the component labeled F5

on the mainboard is? What is the value of this mini-component?

Is there anyway I can get (order) this part online?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@kerry1 that sounds like a fuse but we will have to see the board as well as get any kind of identifier from it so we can try and find a schematic or at least try to get you the information about the part. You do want to go ahead and add some good images of your board and the location of this component with your question. For that use this guide Aggiungere immagini ad una domanda

Update (03/01/2018)

@kerry1 yes that is a fuse. You will have to clean up the solder pads and measure the distance from pad-to-pad to determine the "package size"

Block Image

Once you know the package size you can visit sites like or (yes may have those as well) and order a few fuse. I'd go with a 6V 1A minimum or a 2A maximum fuse. Solder the new fuse in and see what happens. Hopefully this is all that got destroyed during the over-voltage.

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Hi @kerry1 ,

Is there a board number printed anywhere on the board at all?

As @oldturkey03 said it most probably is a fuse as in electronics F is the designation for a fuse.

There is always a reason why a fuse blows, especially as in your case it has done this so spectacularly.

Do you know of anything that may have caused this to happen?

Replacing the fuse may not solve the problem as there may be more damage further into the circuit.


To be honest with you I didn't see a

board #, unless the # on the Frontend sec. (see top pic)

is a smd # , and YES I do know why it went so 'spectacularly'

as you put it since it was I that made the fireworks show by

connecting it to 12v DC batt. THAT DID IT !!! The comment

you saw/read/commented on above was mine which I just inserted.


Hi @kerry1 ,

In the absence of a circuit diagram, (cannot find one), I can only suggest that you initially connect an Ohmmeter between the 'output' side of the fuse F5 (i.e. the side not connected to the +ve DC input connector terminal) and the -ve DC input (or Earth terminal) connector and see if you get a reading at all. There should be some resistance (Ohms) reading of some value, not s/c (short circuit) or very low value. If there is no reading at all, reverse the leads and check again.

If there is still no reading (i.e. o/c -open circuit) then there are more components that have failed.

All you can do then is to do point to point testing with the Ohmmeter and trace the paths from the fuse to the next component and from that one to the next etc, drawing and labeling the circuit as you progress.

Hopefully the damage will be limited to the power input section.


Acknowledged Jay, as I put in the comments,

would you like to fix this Jay , if so send me

an address to ship to you and first you send

me ten or fifteen dol. to ship. Yes cash in mail,

I give you address if you're allowed & want it,

otherwise it immediately trashed.


Hi @kerry1 ,

As tempting as the offer is, I'm already backlogged with projects so thank you but no.


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