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Il controller wireless Xbox 7MN-0001, prodotto da Microsoft Corporation, è il controller più utilizzato per la console di gioco Xbox e può essere utilizzato anche su PC.

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Triggers do not work

Hi Guys. I'm using an XBOX one controller on PC and for some reason the triggers stopped working. My RT was feeling weird for a few months, I noticed it wasn't going all the way through sometimes but I was shaking the controller and it was okay usually. But now both of the triggers just don't respond even when I test it with windows and not in-game. I opened up the controller and found out that on of the screws was loose and attached to the magnet on the RT(no idea how did that happend) so that explained why the RT wasn't going all the way through, but everything else looked fine and I fixed that problem with that screw and it seemed like everything is fine, the cables looked right, the magnets were okay and nothing seemed to be broken but they just won't respond... I was thinking maybe it's a software issue so I reinstalled the drivers and that didn't work too. anyone's got a clue about that problem?

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Eido1706, I believe @nick can help with this one.


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The controller is probably not going to be easy to repair. I have had two of these 1537's that I got as a pair with different issues (bad LB and analog stick drift), so I combined these broken controllers into one. The analog stick issue ended up happening again on my second 1537 controller, so I ended up getting rid of it and looking for a newer controller. I don't recommend repairing this controller, since the controllers seem to have a high enough failure rate that issues with these controllers are common. This non-recommendation is because this specific controller is known for high failure rates of the analog sticks (this issue is known to cause analog stick drift), which becomes more of a problem as the controller ages. I even had to recover the firmware on one and did an exchange for the 1697 I use now, and it shows the same signs that always come up when they begin to fail.

I would recommend trying to find a 1697 controller if you are looking at used ones, but if you want a new one you will need to get the Model 1708 controller. Both the 1697 and 1708 seem to be far more reliable and aren't as troublesome (but they have their own set of issues with the plastic parts, which primarily are caused by a cheap LB/RB assembly).

With that being said, this is either an issue with the bottom motherboard or the controller frame. If you really want to repair this controller, I'd order both parts and not solder anything until you see the LT trigger works again.

If you replace the frame and it still happens, the bottom motherboard is bad. This exact issue has also happened on my 1537, and it was a frame problem for me.

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Actually I have 1708 which I broke after a month(!!!) it only fell one time and the RT stopped working(sounds familiar?), this time the plastic that holds the magnet was the problem, so I put in some glue and again everything looked fine and It didn't work...btw for some reason I couldnt unscrew the board on the 1536 with any T screwdriver.


The internal boards need a T6 Torx driver, if you want to try to repair it.


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