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Power button not functioning

I have a fairly new iPhone 6S. About 1 month after buying the phone the power button stopped working. I already followed the iFixit guide to the point where I could unscrew the power button and check everything.

I have not yet replaced the flex cable though, since the volume buttons and flash work perfectly.

A second problem arises when calling: a lot of crackling noises to be heard through the earspeaker. When recording through voice memos the playback is fine through the earspeaker.

Anyone got an idea? Is it possible the power button broke by itself only after 1 month of using, whilst volume and flash continue to work?

Would the earspeaker problem be caused by the antennas or something?

There's no warranty anymore on the device.

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I mean, the phones been out for a year and a half now. Yes, those things could be not working, while the other things could be working, on the same ribbon cable. Even though the cost of parts is very cheap, these are extensive repairs, and plenty of room for things to go wrong. Anyways, here's some parts and guides. Take your time and double check everything

iPhone 6s Front Camera and Sensor Cable

iPhone 6s Audio Control Cable

Sostituzione fotocamera anteriore e gruppo sensore nell'iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s Upper Component Cable Replacement

Immagine iPhone 6s Front Camera and Sensor Cable


iPhone 6s Front Camera and Sensor Cable


Immagine iPhone 6s Fotocamera anteriore e gruppo sensore


Sostituzione fotocamera anteriore e gruppo sensore nell'iPhone 6s



1 - 2 hours

Immagine iPhone 6s Upper Component Cable


iPhone 6s Upper Component Cable Replacement



1 - 3 hours

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Thank you for your reply. Yes the phone has been out for a while, but the power button already stopped working after 1 month of buying it.

But the earspeaker problem is likely a completely separate problem? Or could it be an issue with the logic board causing the issue of the power putton and crackling while calling?


Well, you'll want to test the front camera flex, as that part has the ear speaker, because it's a relatively simple repair, and you'll want to rule that out. The power button means you have to remove everything, and then find out. I am wondering about any software possibilities, but really sounds like a hardware thing


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