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Rechargeable indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Capable of using USB, AUX and SD card for music input. Product released in 2014.

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broken charge port can't charge speaker

can't charge speaker charge port broken is there another way to charge unit

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how to repair the charging pin?


Where can I buy a complete mother board for a Shox ghetto boss model KTS_856 . Please?


Hi @nhw ,

It may be easier to find a motherboard if you search online using the motherboard's "board" number only, which should be printed on the motherboard, as nothing is showing up when searching for parts for the speaker


My charging port on my waterproof speaker got loose and popped into the speaker. The waterproof part is important bc it makes it almost impossible to open up the speaker. And if I tried to open it to get the port re-seated, I would probably have to sacrifice the waterproof qualities of the speaker. Any advice?


How do I fix my axcess speaker? The charger port has fell in the inside of the speaker. I canno charge my speaker. Are there other ways to charge this speaker?


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The charge port will have to be replaced.

Here is a link to the ifixit guide on how to repair the auxiliary port in the speaker. It is handy because it details how to access the board on which the charge port is also located.

Here is an image, taken from the repair guide showing the port (highlighted in green)

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

As the charge port appears to be a SMD (surface mounted device) type mini USB connector you will need to have the expertise and tools necessary to unsolder the old port and solder on the new one. This procedure is not for a novice repairer, as it is twice as difficult in this instance as you are dealing with a double sided board and there is a standard SMD type USB port mounted directly underneath it. If you apply too much heat to remove the charge port you may end up accidentally removing the USB port attached below it as well.

I recommend that you contact a reputable, professional mobile phone repair or electronics repair service and ask for a quote to repair the port. That way even though it may cost you, they will be responsible for the repair and any damage (hopefully not if they are professional) that may occur.

Do not try to bypass the port and charge the battery directly as there most probably is battery management circuitry in the speaker to protect the battery (and the user) whilst it is being charged.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Didn't have this speaker a year old an it broken for a $100

It shouldn't breake


Dude this is my second one in a year that they are charging port broke. I wish they charging port Why is this saying the charging port and iPhone


I’d rather just buy a new one then send it away for them to put a new charging port in


Hi @ terencemoore18,

Bit confused by your comment.

Where in the Chosen Solution above is iPhone mentioned? Also there was no mention of sending it away for repair.

It was suggested that if you couldn't repair it yourself that you contact a repair service that's all. Hopefully there are local repair services close to you.


Is it possible to just purchase a new mother board?


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I just fixed mine with a phillips screwdriver and an old usb cable. The port is completely gone. Unscrew the circuit panel from the back of speaker unplug the battery from the board. Strip a small section of each wire (one red-, one black+). Find an old but good charger cable for a phone cut the end off that goes to the phone and throw it away. Find your + wire (usually red) strip it back about ¼" then find - wire(usually black) and do the same. Then splice + to + and - to -. Tape it up good so cant short out and plug that usb end into the charger box u use for ur phone and you will have a working speaker Soon.

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Hi Darren, yeah nice one.

But may I ask you, how did you access inside the power imput cavity?

Is it by undoing the deep 'allen keys' located behind the front speaker grill?

Is that the only way in to the rear of the unit where the imput/output panel is located?

Thanks, Hanna


How do you disassemble it?


You have to pry the front grill off and it will take some force. I snipped a few holes on the grill enough to put a long screwdriver inside grill and pryed upwards and it eventually came off. The screws along the edges won’t all come out of the holes but they will be away from the threaded hole and you came open middle seam and pull apart. The rest will be visually easy as in you will see all screws that need to be removed to get the motherboard and power brick off the back side of the speaker housing.


@hhwlehpsi6vahpu it's simple and easier those ways all you have to do is take out the six screws on the back control but control panel module ease it out disconnect the cables to connect to the LED each of the turn knobs and giving you access to the battery once you have that access all you have to do is what he said do above


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