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Back camera iPhone7 glass

Hi .. I axidentaly damage glass (only glass) for my back camera (iphone7) ... I ordered the spare part but it came with the ring and the technician couldn't separate the glass of the ring .. hi could change it but only with opening the phone and I would lost the warranty in this case. Is it possible to order only the glass or exist other way to fix this issue? ( The camera works properly ). Thx. Vlad.

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The idea of Apple Care Plus is sounding like more and more of a good investment. Some alternative options:

put it into a case (maybe add a cheap plastic screen protector/sticker to help hold it all together) and try and forget that the back is busted up. I’m hoping the crack in the camera glass doesn’t impact its performance, but that could be wishful thinking. Sell it off as is and hope that some sucker on eBay doesn’t care about the back glass being broken. The idea here is that if you can sell it for more than $800 it will then cost you less than $700 to replace the whole phone.

Insurance. House and Contents insurance often provides coverage for your phone if the damage happens inside the house… You would also have to be aware of what your excess is and if it’s worthwhile using.

I personally have the extra option for portable cover outside the home which has a reduced excess making a smashed screen only $100 (although I have to pay the full amount and claim it back).


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You need to be very careful, here is a little help:

Sostituzione vetro protettivo fotocamera iPhone 7

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Odds are if you can't just order the glass the whole camera is going to need to be replaced, unfortunately.

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Super easy replacement, doesn’t take long and fairly low risk. Flip the phone face down on a padded surface, heat up the lens, wearing safety glasses take a thin tool (I use a razor blade or fine tipped tweezers depending on the damage) remove the old lens, clean the old adhesive off completely. carefully clean the shooter then blow it off with canned air to remove dust and debris. Install new adhesive, install new lens wearing gloves. Done

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While you applying new adhesive how do you adjust the edges?


Easy to damage the camera, that is correct


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