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An android smartphone released by BLU Products in December 2013.

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Why is my phone not detecting the SIM card?

Whenever I try to make a call or send a text message, my phone says "No SIM card is detected", but the SIM card is installed. Why?

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i'm trying to make a call and it says turn sim on and when i do it doesn't do anything


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This might be a problem with the SIM card itself. In order to fix this problem, the SIM card will have to be replaced. If replacing the SIM card is still not working, then it is most likely the problem is within the motherboard. In this case, the motherboard will have to be replaced. Visit the troubleshooting page for additional information and links to respective replacement guides.

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If it's not the sim card, try resetting your phone to factory reset before spending time and money on motherboard repair or replacement. Could have saved me a lot of money and time if anyone told me.


My Sims card want work


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What to do if resetting the phone does not work??

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